The Simple Ways of Connecting Patients to Practices

PatientChase is the most comprehensive, automated and easiest to use patient call/recall software in primary care.

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What Is PatientChase?

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PatientChase is an EMIS Web accredited partner product that simplifies and automates all aspects of patient recall, enabling a practice to identify patients, communicate with them and code all the contact made with them. PatientChase helps practices save money, improve efficiency and ultimately improve the quality of care provided to patients. It will call in patients the least number of times necessary, providing greater convenience to them and also educate patients about their conditions - whilst helping to improve surgery access.

Select Patients

Select patients across any range of recall criteria using our Search Builder

Keep Connected

Connect with patients via letters, texts or emails

Record & Audit

Automatically record detailed invitation codes into EMIS

Save Money

PatientChase saves practises over £1 per pateint each year.

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7th Oct 2019

PatientChase patch is up 7th Oct 2019

Important news for getting PatientChase syncing successfully

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16th Aug 2019

PatientChase patch is up 16th Aug 2019

Important news for getting PatientChase syncing successfully

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15th Apr 2019

GP Contract update 15th April 2019

Please update PatientChase with the latest version so enable syncing for the new FY. Details of what this includes...

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12th Mar 2019

GP Contract 2019/20 EMIS scheduled downtime

EMIS closes GP Contract on 1st April 2019 to perform it's annual GP Contract update. This may last a few weeks as normal. Update PatientChase before then and synchronise with EMIS before 31st March to ensure you can continue sending out invites during April while EMIS performs it's updates.

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Dr. Raza Toosy

Dr. Raza Toosy

Raza is a current partner of a GP practice in Wallington, Surrey. He has had a passion for IT for all of his life and obtained an MScIT in Kingston University with Distinction in 2008 whilst still working as a GP. With his knowledge of both medicine and information technology his focus and vision is to create a line of business applications for GP surgeries and has been actively involved in the development of PatientChase and now PatientLeaf since 2005 using the .Net Framework. He's always wanted to improve the way clinicians access and view data to make their lives easier.

Dr. Raza Toosy

Richard Chmielowski

With qualifications in business and marketing and having previously held managerial roles in both primary and secondary care, Richard Chmielowski is co-founder of GPSS. Passionate about helping primary care staff manage their patients in the best way possible, Richard is involved in many of the customer facing aspects of delivering IT solutions.